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Tuesday, February 15, 2005



I love her too :)


man, running 2 blogs is a challenge! welcome & good luck!


Along with the new albums by Coralie Clement and Keren Ann, Le Fil makes 2005 a beautiful year for lovers of cool, sweet but stingy French girlpop. And have you heard Home by Benjamin Biolay & Chiara Mastroianni?

Le Vilain

Benjamin Biolay is very talented. But man, what a lousy haircut :)


Thanks for the tip, just got the album and been playing it looped all weekend. Still havin some trouble getting the lyrics, though...


"[...]'Le Fil' the most interesting French album released in what... decades?"
The challenger for the first place is Alain Bashung's "L'imprudence". A tremendous album too.


I have heard a few of these songs, mostly on a great Aussie radio station...'Ta Douleur' is amazing! It makes me want to dance...I will definitely have to explore her music more!

Kathryn J. Liverman

If I had the "lettuce" I'd purchase it.
I have found that ignoring the catagory that music compositions are under leads to incredible delights. I never knew from my classical flute, piano, violin, and choir experience would ever allow me to enjoy such treats like Kurtis Blow, SugarHill Gang, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, Spira Jira, Uretha Franklin, Billy Holiday, Lue Armstrong, and Bartoc (opra).


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Squirting Archive

ehh... 10x for style.

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